Our Story

The life changing ministry of Miracle Redemption Christian Center began in the Israel with Rev Van Dyke and Ruby Noah. In 1992, Reverend Vandyke Noah was in a car accident that almost ended his life. During his recovery process, he had an encounter with the Lord. The Lord visited him and said to him “Take My Word to the world”. After his recovery, he enrolled in King of Kings Bible College in Jerusalem, Israel where he completed his studies in Theology and Christian Ministry. In 1994, Pastor Van Dyke finished his studies and became an ordained minister of the gospel. Pastor Van Dyke stayed in Israel and opened his first branch of Miracle Redemption Christian Center nInternational.nHe moved to Ghana in 2001 under the same healing and prophetic anointing and opened a branch of Miracle Redemption Christian Center in Accra, Ghana. Shortly after starting the Accra branch he moved to Minnesota and opened a branch of MRCCI in 2002 and brought the touch of God to Muslims resident in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pastor began to bring together small groups of believers who were not satisfied with a lifeless religion. They met for the purpose of bible studies and prayer in the basement of Chairman Alex Gray. nIn August 2003, with a group of pioneer leaders the Minnesota branch of MRCCI was formed. In 2008, he gathered his family and a few neighbors in Kumasi, Ghana, and started a prayer meeting which ended up becoming a church after a few months, because the anointing and the power of God was so great. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit another branch of MRCCI was planted at Manso in the Ashanti region of Ghana.n Philippines branch of MRCCI came into being when Pastor Jadol came across MRCCI website and decided to bring his congregation under the leadership of Bishop and Mrs. Noah. In 2012 another branch of MRCCI was planted in the Philippines. Also in 2011 nSacramento and Seattle branches of MRRCI was born and in 2012 the north branch of MRCCI Seattle was born with another branch in Santa Rosa, California.nAlso in December 2011 Liberia and Zanzibar branches started when Bishop Vandyke visited Burundi for an international conference. These two churches are being overseen by Pastor Kamara and Pastor Machimu.nIn January 2012 six churches in Fiji came under the banner of MRCCI and became branches with Reverend and Mrs. Vandyke Noah as their overseers. These churches in Fiji are being pastored by different pastors with Pastor Aseri Quairavalu as the regional head. With Pastor Van Dyke presiding over an international assembly, MRCCI is destined to be different from most churches. nMRCCI is scattered across every continent with two churches in India with Pastor Sobhor and Apostle Joseph. The tradition of a multicultural and multiracial church ministry has made “The House of Solution”, a home to a people of diverse background. Church Service at MRCCI is full of testimonies telling of hearts and minds liberated, bodies healed and made whole, lives impacted and transformed, marriages rescued and restored and tangible miracles of many people being healed form cancer and HIV. The Lord has brought about these miracles by the power and anointing that flow through our Church Services.n



4301 Thomas Ave N, Minneapolis,nMinnesota 55412